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Dive Into the New Age of Transportation Services

Our Services

Transportation Solutions

We provide our Customers safe shipping methods with full visibility, 24-hour track and trace, and cost-effective inbound strategies. 

Cross Dock and Warehousing

Our cross-docking solutions eliminate costly, space-intensive storage of inbound products. Whether moving pallets of product or sorting high volumes of incoming cartons/cases to outbound trailers, we have the cost-effective solution for fast, accurate cross docking.

24/7 Dispatch

If you need information regarding a load we booked with you, we will get you an answer regardles of the time of day. We have professional dispatchers working around the clock to provide you with anything you need.

Customized Solutions

With our own trucks, trailers, and various drop yards and warehouses around the Midwest, we can help curate a customized logistics solution for you.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Miky Transport offers many different business solutions tailored to each customer on their basis. If you are looking for lane coverage, storage solutions, or a quick cross dock location, we are the people to call!

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